Thursday, 19 November 2009


I'd like to welcome you to Haus of Sin, on the behalf of my amazing co-workers; Alice [Hunnigall] and Chace [nojarama] and of course myself [Guaggi]. Haus of Sin is daring, mystic and most of all, juicy. The basic idea is that we'll throw a party once a month, post best dressed lists and info here. In addition to that, we're going to post gossip, mostly about what happens at the parties, but we'll of course post as much Stardoll gossip as ever possible. There's so much more to come, but due to communication issues, I couldn't consult with Alice and Chace, so this is it for now. So sit back, enjoy our posts, upcoming parties, and bring in the drama! And remember..
Anything you can write, we can write more scandalous!