Friday, 11 March 2011

The fall of n1mka4eva.

Most of you who are in tune with blogs, will know about the recent drama with N1mka4eva.
It involved many things including hate, hate, teasing from Danpuffs and more hate. This was made clear in a post on PSG entitled; "HATE".
Who could have guessed?
But what is your opinion of the matter? Who is to blame?
To be honest, I believe that there is a fine line between being a victim and being sensitive. And in this case, she has crossed to the sensitive side. People may say that there is a person behind the screen, but the argument is right there. There are 2 screens and a worldwide network between you. Being called a bitch, or a cunt on a website full of people you don't know (no matter how mcuh ou say you do) barely touches you, but these insults in real life can cut deep.

Welcome to the Haus of Sin.

Long time no see?
To start off, happy belated new year! This blog has been out of the picture for quite a while now, and I had left stardoll for quite a while too.
Time to come back? I think so.
Many blogs that I used to check daily, have now became... less worthwhile. There are too many blogs with fashion and updates, so i'll do my best to post here with the material that people actually want to read.

Saturday, 18 September 2010


How can I leave When the Reason I want to leave keeps me here.

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Shall we come Back..

Shall we come Back for a second return.. Since I miss Blogging and I know a lot of People Miss this Blog, And some Don't But I miss it and I miss reading all of you comments! I would Hope that you would Like to see it come Back If so Would you Just Comment Below,

Also! JOBS!
Looking for
2 Writers, - Must agree to post Once a week At least!, No Promoting your own Company/Blog, No Arguments Or Bad posts,

Graphic Designer -Designing Banners Headers and Other Stuff Please No bad Graphic designers By that I mean I want Someone who Knows a lot about it.

Right hand Person.! To get Everything Done when I am not Around or I need Help

So write Now they are the Jobs Open .

You Must add me on PonijsLV saying Haus of Sin in the Request Area! Then Message me Which job you want and Why you think your best for the Job and Within a Week I will Leave you Know! Thanking you

Monday, 30 August 2010

Finally New Le?.. Umm..

Yes, Finally After a Long wait Stardoll brought out its 3rd Le this Year! Woop! Finally Hehe! My favourite Season By far! I love the Winter Ones they Look Amazing.. I leave the Bunny Hats and the Other Hats and stuff Just really Wintry Makes me think of NewYork at Winter Time I guess I really Like this new Collection! its So nice.. Its my taste! don't get me wrong i have seen better collections But personally I love this One and I manage to get Every One i wanted Even By only have 34 Stardollars I sold some of my Stuff i didn't use Anymore and Bought what i wanted Kinda call it recycling why not give it a go! Haha! Well I love the Collection..

But Stardoll were Kinda copy Cats.. Hehe and stole the Bunny ears from
Known for selling Rare art and Clothes and Other things and Also Fashion interviews and What not Anyway here is what they look like In real Life,
Its selling for a whooping £1,000 for Bunny ears! But Yeah! I guess it kinda worth it! you should check out their Store :)

Anyway!.. Do you like the New Le?? And Should there be a return for the Haus of Sin? and If so?.. WHAT DO YOU WANT TO SEE,

Tuesday, 17 August 2010


I think you all know what I am talking about with Cha Cha, if its true then I am sorry but if its not and Some Sick LIL fucker is making it up! Your going to hell asshole.

Sunday, 11 July 2010

The Stardoll History book.

Hey!! Guys! This is my new Project for The Summer! Its called the Stardoll History Book!
If you guys Just go to the Link below! You will see what the Blog Is about And what you can Learn From it There is a lot Going On In the Blog So I advise You to follow it Thanking you
- PonijsLV