Friday, 11 March 2011

The fall of n1mka4eva.

Most of you who are in tune with blogs, will know about the recent drama with N1mka4eva.
It involved many things including hate, hate, teasing from Danpuffs and more hate. This was made clear in a post on PSG entitled; "HATE".
Who could have guessed?
But what is your opinion of the matter? Who is to blame?
To be honest, I believe that there is a fine line between being a victim and being sensitive. And in this case, she has crossed to the sensitive side. People may say that there is a person behind the screen, but the argument is right there. There are 2 screens and a worldwide network between you. Being called a bitch, or a cunt on a website full of people you don't know (no matter how mcuh ou say you do) barely touches you, but these insults in real life can cut deep.

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