Monday, 30 August 2010

Finally New Le?.. Umm..

Yes, Finally After a Long wait Stardoll brought out its 3rd Le this Year! Woop! Finally Hehe! My favourite Season By far! I love the Winter Ones they Look Amazing.. I leave the Bunny Hats and the Other Hats and stuff Just really Wintry Makes me think of NewYork at Winter Time I guess I really Like this new Collection! its So nice.. Its my taste! don't get me wrong i have seen better collections But personally I love this One and I manage to get Every One i wanted Even By only have 34 Stardollars I sold some of my Stuff i didn't use Anymore and Bought what i wanted Kinda call it recycling why not give it a go! Haha! Well I love the Collection..

But Stardoll were Kinda copy Cats.. Hehe and stole the Bunny ears from
Known for selling Rare art and Clothes and Other things and Also Fashion interviews and What not Anyway here is what they look like In real Life,
Its selling for a whooping £1,000 for Bunny ears! But Yeah! I guess it kinda worth it! you should check out their Store :)

Anyway!.. Do you like the New Le?? And Should there be a return for the Haus of Sin? and If so?.. WHAT DO YOU WANT TO SEE,