Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Shall we come Back..

Shall we come Back for a second return.. Since I miss Blogging and I know a lot of People Miss this Blog, And some Don't But I miss it and I miss reading all of you comments! I would Hope that you would Like to see it come Back If so Would you Just Comment Below,

Also! JOBS!
Looking for
2 Writers, - Must agree to post Once a week At least!, No Promoting your own Company/Blog, No Arguments Or Bad posts,

Graphic Designer -Designing Banners Headers and Other Stuff Please No bad Graphic designers By that I mean I want Someone who Knows a lot about it.

Right hand Person.! To get Everything Done when I am not Around or I need Help

So write Now they are the Jobs Open .

You Must add me on PonijsLV saying Haus of Sin in the Request Area! Then Message me Which job you want and Why you think your best for the Job and Within a Week I will Leave you Know! Thanking you


  1. U should be back, did Mia left the blog?

  2. Yes,Mia has Decied to leave the Blog So i now have it.. I am looking for People to write for me.. Would you like to apply!

  3. Yeah, I truly did.
    Good luck with HOS, Tyler!
    Talk to you soon :)