Saturday, 12 June 2010

DioGuardi Couture Is out

Yes, Its finally Out! I love it! The things Manolo! Can do with a graphic Has no Ends! He is quickly becoming the Best Stardoll Graphic Designer out there From his First Collection i knew he was going to make a difference to the Stardoll Graphic world! And he has I guess you want to see Pictures now? *Look below at the Pictures and i give my thoughts on them*.OK so this is the First Picture and its an Outfit And i love this Outfit Although i think the Doll is to Thin i know Models are Supposed to be Thin but i think this is to far Although i really do Love the Outfit.
Again I cannot say anything bad About this Outfit i really do love this outfit Although the neck is a little Funny I really do love it its Really classy.Now on to the Clutch I love this Clutch again its Classy reminds me of Chanel I really love it! I think it would Make any outfit look Amazing I love the Way he puts the Logo on it And the Reflection of the clutch.

now the Belt what do i think of the Belts Um well i like them! But i think he should make them More rounded? And Maybe put a little More shine on them But again i love ItNow the Bracelet! I love the Bracelet I understand He had to zoom in for it! But i think Maybe he could have put it on an Arm? Because the Way the Graphic is done it Kind of Looks like a food Bowl But i do like it.
Now the Earrings Nothing Bad to say about these They look Amazing they Just look like something from They are just Amazing! I am proud that Manolo done this because its FAB!
Now the Sunglasses! I like them A lot Although i think he could have Changed the patten Maybe? And I would have changed the Ear's because they kind of Look like Pixies. But Again i like them A lot.
Now the Shoes I love the shoes I wouldn't change a think I love them they are So classy/Summery! Nice and Tall I really like them! And the fact there isn't a Strap on the heel they kinda Look Free if you know what i mean.

So that's the Newest Collection Of DioGaurdi and I believe the first ever Collection with Jewelry
So to sum it up I really LOVE! the collection and I think Manolo done an amazing Job you can see he dosen't rush with it He takes His time and it shows Off! So I wish Manolo the Best of Luck! And comment Below tell me which you Like And what would you have changed.

Mia sends her love and thoughts..;
First and foremost, this is nothing personal. However, mr. Manolo (or Danny?! or who?!) is utterly disgusting as he hardly credits his team. I don't quite know if he has one anymore, he treats them like his slaves, if they don't worship Manolo (the king of the world), the next thing he'll say is ''burn in hell'', ''you're poor'' etc..the golden boy claims to be rich as hell himself, but he has lied enough for me to ever trust him and his lies. Even if he wasn't rich, he's just not proud enough to be whoever he is and he has no respect for those who aren't as fortunate as he claims to be. this little collection; his ''work'' has always been very wannabe high fashion, never good enough to match its standards (based on some positive feedback and adoration, because we all know that you don't wanna mess with Manolo Di Dick-o). We all know we got a lot of help with this shit, but after seeing 2 outfits, I lost my interest. Nothing new, nothing bold and nothing original.
Golden boy, you lost your chance earlier, but today's skype convo made me pity you. I wish you the very best, but since fashion doesn't seem to work out, go back to your office and create something real, or at least make your ensembles worth looking.


  1. Its amazing! I'm going to the party tonight, what about you guys?

  2. Well,I won't be Going but the collection Is Amazing!

  3. Party tonight?
    I thought I already happened?

    Oh yeah tip for Tyler-- Just re-read your work, lots of errors.

  4. The model for the shoes only has 4 toes!

  5. Well some people arrived in their birthday suit, that kinda maybe the party a little hotter. ^_^

  6. I liked your description of the items and the criticism was really good.
    I do agree with ChicLin though, you should probably just re-read it or go over it with a spell check/grammar check.
    But it made sense for the most part.

  7. Love your post, : ) But like Blake + Chiclin said, grammar check ? ; )

    I'm super disappointed that I missed the party, but I've been sick lately. It must have been a blast.

    Great, Mia. No one cares, haha.

  8. Tyler,you present Manolo like superman O__0 lol

    Just remember that he did at least the 50% of the graphics and yasmin,ciara and john did the rest. I know that yasmin made all the shoes and bags and ciara made the invite,too bad you all think that manolo made's pathetic.

  9. Ok,Well i am sorry I should have checked it out but i thought it was Just Manolo there is no need to call me Pathetic

  10. manolo di dick-o ? o.O

  11. I agree with did Mia come up with this name? Even though I don't care.

  12. syligirl not suligirl. XD