Saturday, 19 June 2010

How NOT to get scammed.

Following the revelation that PSG writer nicole-0 has infact stolen 50$ worth of codes from Gwenee, i'd like to make a post about how NOT to get scammed.

In the end there's only one way of being positive about this, that is not getting in to the situation where you can get scammed, but instead here's some tips that will help but not be definite.
1) When trading, always have the clothes up at a higher price so that if you're dealing with a potential scammer they are still losing out on alot, which would put them off scamming in the first place.
2) If you are considering letting someone on your account, delete all of you vital messages (save screenshots of them if you need the information) and change your password to something completely different. This means that when the deal is done you can change it back, and there's not possibility of the same password being used for other things
3) Before taking part in any deals; do the obvious. Talk to the person and see if they're trustworthy and get references.

Remember that popularity and status does not determine whether someone will scam you or not. As Nicole-0 (thieving **** who did infact break the law by doing so) has lately proved.
UPDATE; The club StopScamming owned by youwontwin (sp?) Has a list of those who are safe traders and those who scam


  1. Louise, add that club: StopScamming owned by YouWonTwin has lest of all scammers and safe people.