Friday, 11 June 2010

A new Breed of Magazine


Oh! I am excited for this one! This Magazine is new to the Stardoll world and as you know we would Love to put your Projects here we are Open to show them for you. So yeah on to the Magazine
Its called The Sparkling Apple and what you do is Pick a friend Email them say why you would like them to me on the Magazine what they do! That makes them worthy to be on the cover and what they do good! You vote your friend! write a paragraph about them! explaining what you like about them and what not The owner Says " There isn't a winner" Which to me sounds perfect Because Stardoll should not be about winners! I am glad there is a Magazine Like this around and i am Excited will you be voting? :) Comment below what you think If you want to visit the blog Just go to.
Please follow! And if you want to see her on Stardoll just go to her account known as
Please comment Thank you if you want your project/Magazine here just comment and tell me what you want to see