Thursday, 10 June 2010

Hello,Welcome to the New Haus of Sin!

Hello,There and welcome to the New Haus of Sin as you will see from the banner/Header We are going for a much more Classy look I can promise you this blog will look amazing We have coming Your way Spoilers,Comps, Parties and Much more you Excited? Well stay Tuned we do you have new writers coming to the blog they will start from Monday! And This Blog wants to know what you want Our goal is to do what you want Because you make this blog with out you this blog couldn't function so thanks a lot.. So coming your way!

*Gossip *Nice gossip*

So you comment below tell me what you want to see! As you will have noticed all the old Posts have now gone! And we have only kept the first EVER! post So get commenting on what you want to see and tell me what you think of the blog :)


  1. love the new style it looks amazing

  2. Header,it`s really amazing :D

  3. I have to say that the header is nice, and I kind of like the new clean cut theme, but nice gossip doesn't seem too good.
    If you gossip, you're going to be rude, so there's no point in gossiping at all. The thing that makes gossip interesting is your personal outlook on things, and your ability to cause drama/gossip in return.
    Just giving my two cents.

  4. Thanks for the Nice comment Blake No i mean Gossip as in Whats going on with Stardoll shops the New promo's and what not

  5. Very nice, maybe now I'll start reading some of your post!(;

  6. Oh, no problem... Anywho, when are those parties going to start?

  7. Umm well soon Hopefully :)
    And thanks Lolita!

  8. Awesome!
    Love it, and the banners are drop dead gorg!