Saturday, 26 June 2010

Is it just me or is stardoll excedingly boring?

I can't upload the banner at the moment. Im on a different user and I can't really be bothered switching. I'm just making this quick post to assure you i've not forgotten about this blog; there's really just nothing to post about.


  1. Don't worry, its the truth.

  2. Its true, I think we all agree! :D xx

  3. Yeaah,good point.Stardoll is pretty dead these days,im kinda moving on from that all now and focusing on real life.Ox


  4. Yeah.
    Tyler isn't posting anything and yet expects it to get to 200 Followers.
    I'm sorry, you need to have something to attract people, not just contests.
    Try using something like Nicole's style stalker idea and post about people's outfits every day.

  5. I don't think that there's anything that can be done to revive the site. There's no exclusive offer, no shop or starbazaar update, and definitely no drama that can bring it back to what it was before. The only thing that could pump some life back into this zombie site is a Perez figure. Perez Hilton of Stardoll was like the 'Olmec' blog of stardoll, the mother that no one could even attempt to surpass in popularity and humor. No one blogger that has hit the scene yet has had enough finesse to refrain from retracting statements or cowering away from those who are more well-to-do than them. I guess that we need someone that doesn't care about pissing people off, and that is new enough so that they do not know the accomplishments of everyone famous here. They will turn the whole idea of the stardoll society upside down and transform it into something new. Unfortunately, that's like asking someone to defy mother nature and create a new earth. That won't happen. But right now, we just all need to slowly drift away from stardoll and into our real lives...

  6. OMG I definitly disagree, sorry but we just had:
    LE, Tributes, Pals, Penthouse, Splash, Summer Gifts even Skrek and other giveaways... what else do u want?