Monday, 14 June 2010

New Stylein & SPOILERS

I forogt to add these to it! Thanks Underneath Stardoll for the spoilers.

Yes,Its time for a New store... Stylein I loved the Store before but Now its not to so Good but i guess ill buy a few Items i think the store Is still really classy!.. but we want a more Summer I know its Stardoll but don't forget Black brings the Heat to you! xD stardoll but you think they would think About it right? I know the store is supposed to be Classy but I think maybe more Floral prints? What do you think? Id love to hear your thanks Thanks for all the Nice comments
I do like the Reds and Pinks but I am thinking we want more Summery clothes and Pattens
Comment what you want to see thanks

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